Najet Hamdoun


At an early age I fell in love with spirituality and other realms due to living in a haunted house in Massachusetts. The house was built on Indian French War-site, which caused a lot of issues within the home. My mom and I would constantly hear pots and pans banging against the wall, people running up and down the stairs, and Victorian music coming from the hallways. There were times where I saw large shadow people and apparitions.

Around December 5 2001, when I was five years old I was dancing with a dancing Santa doll. I remember walking out side with the doll in my hands and waving to my mom who was standing in the backyard with our Shih Tzu, Ruffy. All of a sudden I remember being pushed. My mom says she saw me do a 360 spin in the air and fall on concrete. The bone out of my arm was sticking out and I ended up having a compound fracture. I was airlifted to Mass General hospital and had emergency surgery. After numerous tries of removing the ghosts with personal remedies from witches in Salem, MA to priests blessing the home from the Catholic Church, nothing worked, so my mom put the house up for sale.

We ended up moving across the country to Arizona, which was such a beautiful state. The sunsets were gorgeous and I had amazing friends during this time period of me being in elementary school. After three years we ended up moving back to Massachusetts due to my bone disorder, Osteogenesis Imperfects Type 1.

From a young age, the earliest memory of breaking a bone at 3, I remember breaking my tibia and fibula, and being rushed to the hospital. Ive broken 47 bones since then. 

After living in Massachusetts for a few years, and getting somewhat bullied for losing my hair in middle school, and starting to wear wigs, we moved to Roanoke, Virginia. We won't get into what happened in that state... but let's just say I'll never step back in that town ever... crazy dangerous place in my opinion...but so beautiful and country. 

I now am residing in Georgia and I absolute love it. Ive became super passionate about the Environmental Engineering field which I was once in, but had to leave to follow my passions, environmentalism without the 9-5. I want to educate people on how to be self sustainable which is mostly what this website will be about. However, I've studied many different herbs, spirituality, religions, sciences, health, and have always been a witch at heart creating spells, herbal mixtures, and remedies that will be shown on here. Don't worry I want to gather all of my journals, books, and other writings of mine to put everything here in one place but all will be over a span of time.

I also want to showcase my garden and micro greens, which hopefully will become better over the span of the next few years. Right now as I type this, we have 13 Belgium Pinks growing in the garden... One day I aspire to have a little market outside my house that only provides fruits and veggies I grow.

I also want to educate people why home gardens are important for your health, the Earth and are so much more sustainable than buying from your grocery store, which goes through a lengthy supply chain.

All of these topics, if you're interested too, can be found here, just for me and you!!






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