How Gardening Relieves Depression and Anxiety

The statistical evidence in the United States has shown we are currently undergoing a mental health crisis among all ages of life. 90% of United States adults believe we are in a mental health crisis due to numerous reasons. Gardening is a great and healthy way to express yourself and develop healthy mental habits. Gardening can be implemented into the lives of teenagers and young adults who are at greater risk of depression and anxiety. It can also help with older adults experiencing dementia and alzheimers who are at greater risk of uncontrollable emotions. 

Reasons why we are in a mental health crisis

Isolation and disconnection from people and community. 

A big part of why society is undergoing a mental health crisis is due to lack of community and disconnection from people and their surroundings. Humans have been experiencing extreme loneliness since the early 2010's. And since the pandemic in 2020, many people have been cut off from society and are at greater risk for anxiety and depression. 

We are living in a world right now that has been built on fear instead of love and we have to move into a place where we as individuals can experience love from within and our surroundings on a larger level through community, understanding and compassion for one another. We have to break through barriers and triggers caused by generational trauma such as having anxious attachment disorder or avoidant attachment disorder which can increase anxiety and depression through our interconnected relationships. 


Media Influence

Fear can come from numerous sources because it is completely imbedded into our society through social media, news sources, and everyday conversations. People are constantly comparing themselves to things they see on social media, and then ask themselves, "Why cant I do that?" or "I wish I was that pretty" or "Wow, they have so much money, and I'm so poor". It has been like this since the rise of Instagram, Facebook, and other social media outlets. It is causing havoc among young adults who are at greater risk of anxiety and depression. Young adults have to search for love from within instead of external sources that are causing higher anxiety and rates of depression. We have to remember we are so powerful and can do anything we want! Just look from within and learn who you truly are as an individual. We arent meant to be perfect, and we ARE meant to be individualistic. 

Financial loss and instability

No one wants to work these days whether you want to admit it or not. Inflation is at an all time high, and no matter how much we work, it seems like many of us are not meeting ends anymore. 40% of Americans have reported they are not able to make ends meet monthly due to inflation, rental increases, mortgage increases, and low wages. It does not matter if you have a college degree anymore, its more of the mundane responsibility of showing up to your job, that you know you have to be at just to make money. 

Illness and Grief

Poor nutrition is the number one cause of illness in the United States, where over 600,000 Americans die from nutrition & diet related illnesses every year. Because of this, Americans are faced with a huge problem. Healing and health comes from within and due to these diet related issues that are caused by the poor agricultural practices being used in the United States, and the lack of nutrition that Americans have been deemed to believe is healthy, many have been brainwashed into thinking our food is good, when in fact it is not. 

Statistical Evidence of Depression and Anxiety in the United States

- 4 out of 10 adults ages 15 and above endure significant depression and anxiety within their lifetimes

- New Rates show young people are more likely to experience depression and anxiety: 

  • 50% of young adults reported having anxiety and depression in 2023
  •  In 2021, 20% or 5 million children from ages 12 to 17 experienced a major depressive episode
  • 57.8 million adults ages 18 or older had a mental illness in 2021
  • 3.3 million people ages 12 to 17 experienced thoughts of suicide, and half of those people came up with a suicide plan                   

- 32.3% of people are experiencing some form of depression and anixety (I believe these statistics are higher)

We cannot move into the world we want to live in with proper love and authenticity, without dealing with this first on an individual basis. 


People with depression do not have the capability to care about much other than trying to stabilize their emotions, mask their depression, and do their day to day activities.


Gardening can play an active role in helping people with anxiety and depression cope and heal these internal issues.




Gardening and its role in alieving stress, anxiety, and depression

At one point in my life I struggled with extreme anxiety. I believe at the time I was going through a dark night of the soul, which also triggered depressive episodes that brought out a lot of childhood trauma and attachment issues. These issues seeped into my daily life and overwhelmed me. 

I knew that gardening at the time was a big hobby of mine, however I didn't know that it was going to have such a large impact on my mental health and stepping into my truest self.


So how did gardening personally help me relieve anxiety and depression?


Gardening made me more in tune with compassion and understanding 

Gardening taught me patience because growing something from seed takes time

Gardening filled my heart with love and appreciation for all living things

Gardening gave me gratitude for what I already have

Gardening gave me peace

Gardening highlighted my artistic and creative abilities

Gardening helped heal levels of toxins from within due to lack of fertilizer and pesticides on the produce

These toxins can be directly linked to anxiety, depression, ADHD, Autism, and Alzheimers. For more info please visit or

Gardening helped me appreciate my Earth and fellow humans due to the amount of work they emit into the agricultural process

Gardening gave me an everyday activity that I actually looked forward to

Gardening brought our nurturing and caregiver qualities 

Gardening helped me step into Divine Feminine qualities

Gardening helped me become more aware and self sustainable 


**Gardening helps women focus on beauty, self care, nurturing, and feminine qualities that will help step them into their power**

The Reducing anxiety with nature and gardening study


The RANG study was conducted to where patients who had started recently gardening and long time gardeners who were experiencing anxiety and depression were analyzed and taken note of in this study. 


1134 Individuals took the survey

86% were female (Higher statistical rates for depression are shown in women than men)

Ages 50-69 with professional background and graduate degree at 50%

Younger people had increased anxiety

Participants were gardening at the time of study



- Growing your own food

- Stress Reduction (57%)

- Landscaping 


The study found that: 

The physical act of gardening has been shown to improve mental health by reducing anxiety and depression.

Increases emotional well being in the general population 

Gardeners 15+ years had less anxiety than 0 to 3 month gardeners

>8hr plus gardening per week had less anxiety  than 1 to 2 hour gardening


By implementing a small gardening plan into the depressed persons routine the depressed person can help develop feelings of: 



Self Love, Love for Living, Over-all Love

Reconnection with self 

Care/ Caretaking

Creative abilities





and so much more....


If the plant dies... it wont judge you... plants are resilient!

Plants are loving and understanding, they also are able to bounce back quickly and can rejuvenate themselves quickly with proper care. That is the best part about gardening, it's an experiment full of your own creativity. You can pick whatever you want to grow yourself, without anyone else's input, and make it completely your own. All you have to do is find a little time and love and I promise you, this will help relieve your anxiety or depression. 

Lots of love <3